The start of the new year has begun with a bang for me!

I’ve just had Dragon Dare accepted in Romance on the Go with Evernight publishing. Yay!

So while a stand alone, Dragon Dare follows on from Dragon Law. I’m loving writing dragon shifter stories, hey they have dragons in it what else can I say 😉

Dragon Law Blurb:

Kallin Black, a dragon shifter, wants to dominate and lead his kind. But his temper prevents him from getting the job, and he’s blacklisted until he cools down. Retreating to his favorite place in the Blue Mountains he discovers Ara Walker, who is recovering from a knee injury—and the skin on her neck is blistered from an old burn. Immediately, he is attracted to her. But to have her, he needs to control himself, or his dragon form will kill her, and that’s the last thing he wants to happen. 

Ara needs to slow down and not work so hard, and her knee injury forces her to have a retreat in the Blue Mountains, where she meets Kallin. But she has to forget about the haunting memories of when she was burned as a child if she wants to find love with the dragon shifter. Can she find her own inner beast and meet his power for love?





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