So I’ve come into uni to meet my supervisors and it’s O Week at Flinders University. It all makes a very young and party-like atmosphere for a change! I’d like to say the memories from my O Week, but it was so long ago, the most I remember is standing in line all day for books, or uni card, or to sign up for tutorials; of course this is all done online now. Leaving more time to join up in groups, party, and just be free from the constraints of High School (which I’ve long left behind!).

No ones riding the mechanical bull yet, and the Coopers bar is empty, so there’s been some restraint…but it is before midday!

The much older me, is sitting with a coffee, wishing I hadn’t forgotten the list of books I wanted to look up in the library. Maybe some of the party mood will rub off on me, or I’ll go join some lines to see what freebies I can get 😉😝

Lilliana Rose 🌹


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