Forbidden in Dark Reflections

A short stories in Dark Reflections, a story about a fallen angel in love with one of the devil’s right hand men.


They taught me how to help with the collection of souls, how to bring them to the light, how to carry them up to the clouds where they would be welcomed. I began to plan, to pretend.

Maybe we could meet on the earthy soil after all.

I heard his footsteps. Without knowing I welcomed his presence, heard the hungry, craving wind. I turned to see my future.

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Sometimes the mirror we look into is flesh and bone and the reflections seen are shadows within us.
Dark Reflections is a collection of short stories from a variety of genres, science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk and even contemporary. Each story reflects a darker tone of human nature, ones that we would prefer to ignore, or pretend not to exist.
Come and sit by the mirror and see what will be reflected back at you.

1 Dark Reflections 3D Image of Book Cover.jpg


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