My short story The New Herd is out in the world! Check out the link to read it.

Thanks Stupefying Stories.

Here’s a sneak peak… follow the link here. to read the full story at Stupefying Stories.

The new herd of cows had arrived for milking,white skin gleaming in the sunlight as they were ushered from the transport ship. They walked as if their udders were tight with gold. But they refused to be touched. Maybe they were a little skittish from their long flight through space, God forbid. I prayed to the Sun, our God, to ensure none were sick. The cows often became unwell on arrival to Earth. Their stomachs couldn’t cope with the microbes any more. Their blood didn’t tolerate the lack of oxygen in the mountain air we breathed. The cows would still be milkable, even if ill—the job would be harder and I would have to be patient. Like everyone else here in town I preferred it when the milking was easy.

“A fresh harvest,” I yelled, summoning my wife and son as I walked out to the landing area.

The cows were kicking up the dirt in the holding pen. I could see the clouds of dust rising from the anger in their hooves. Running to the pens I prayed they would be ready for milking and I would be able to calm them with my well-practised smile and tender fingers. I wondered if it hurt them to have udders so tight that they didn’t know how to spend such a commodity.

Tying my brightly woven poncho around my waist I hurried past Carlos. I wanted to be first at the holding pens. He fumbled with his poncho and I stuck out my foot causing him to tumble. Tripping my neighbour was all part of the competition between the people of our village. I arrived first, the chance to have the pick of a virgin herd sent shivers of pleasure through my hands.

“Tarde,” I said, pinching the brown skin on the hand of my wife when she finally made it to my side. Good thing the cows didn’t understand our language as I mumbled more profanities to my wife as we waited. It would be her fault if the milking was poor for us today.

My son looked odd with the knee-length black skirt trimmed with waves of colour and matching tailored coat. But only we knew his true gender. He hated having to keep long hair which was now in two neat plaits. We would use any trick to help with the milking.

Follow the link here to read the full story at Stupefying Stories.


The New Herd is also in the short story collection Dark Reflections, by Lilliana Rose.

Sometimes the mirror we look into is flesh and bone and the reflections seen are shadows within us.

Dark Reflections is a collection of short stories from a variety of genres, science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk and even contemporary. Each story reflects a darker tone of human nature, ones that we would prefer to ignore, or pretend not to exist.
Come and sit by the mirror and see what will be reflected back at you.

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