Family show tradition #9: buying local produce! Yum!

I love attending the Royal Adelaide Show, I have so for most years of my life. My dad used to exhibit merino sheep at the show, so it has a special meaning to me, and there’s a lot of people I catch up with at the show each year. One of the things mum would get me and my sisters to do, is to go around and sample the produce. It was free and kept us busy! Now I still like to go and taste local produce, honey, gin, chutney, which I then buy. It’s important to support local farmers, so it’s a win-win! I’m now stocked up with enough honey and gin for the next year. The chutney I might run out of, if I do I might have to just make my own.

The Royal Adelaide Show is the setting for the steamy romance Best in Show. I must admit I have never behaved like the characters, Max and Zoe!

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Maxwell McCarther is a farmer who once burned by love has decided never to open his heart again and is only interested in fun times with women. When exhibiting his cattle at the Royal Adelaide Show this year he meets Zoe Preston, a city girl, sassy, strong-minded, and a ball breaker. Suddenly the wall around his heart begins to crumble, but will he manage to keep his temper in check so he has a chance of love once again.

Zoe has a high powered job in her twenties, and city life is where she thrives. Until she meets Max, a farmer, who matches her strong will, and sharp tongue. But can she get this tough farmer to open his heart without being hurt? Is this the fling she needs or something more lasting and long-term which has always been her dream? Will farm life be for her even for love?

Life is often unplanned, and when circumstances force Zoe and Max together, will their love help them find a future together?


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