Change of Heart (Bk1 The Clockwork Mysteries)

Get hooked on Change of Heart.
A sexy steampunk romance for all readers.


The ex-war time airship hung in the afternoon sun, tethered to the top of the four-story building, a survivor from the First World War. Floating with the warm air, the leather balloon looked out of place, like a bird that had come to nest on a leafless tree. It wasn’t alone. Other airships, brand new, trimmed with polished brass reflected the glamor of the new era. The future was in the sky, and people rushed to join the developing fashion.
An unusual Christmas present for his wife, Vickie, this particular airship cost Dr. George Wenderlen much more than a brand new model. The sentiment had been too hard to resist when he’d first seen the beauty in the yard at the wreckers. Deflated leather, punctured from bullets, a tangle of ropes and pulleys, wood decaying with the help of white ants, sparked the romantic in him. He saw the queen she had once been and wanted to restore her to the sky, where she could be crowned by the sun once more, buffered by thin white clouds, flying over land, free and majestic.
To restore the airship George employed a man, Matt Moore, a genius inventor who’d fallen on hard times to repair the ship. Now she was ready.
His gift to Vickie. A peace offering because he worked long hours at the hospital, and he didn’t have time for holidays. He knew he was losing her. Five years of marriage, no children and now they hardly knew each other. He couldn’t remember when they last sat down together to eat or even talk. George wanted a private getaway. A special place for them, somewhere they could escape—the two of them—so they could rediscover each other, and maybe finally begin a family. This gift was his chance to change things around.
George stood with pride watching the airship blossom in the morning sun.
“She’s a beauty.” George wiped the corner of his eye.
“A queen of the sky.” Matt watched her, entranced by the marvel of the technology he’d used to bring her back to life. Both men had eyes for her, and she was large enough to accommodate them and many more, just by hanging in the blueness. The airship ruled them, their hearts and minds.
“Queen.” George stared at the ship, soaking in her beauty.
“Queen… her name.”
“Now she’s complete.”
“Shall I paint her name on the bow?”
“Yes.” He turned to Matt and thumped him on the back. “Good job.”
“Pleasure.” Matt tipped his hand to his head as if wearing a hat. He’d enjoyed restoring the airship, and finding a purpose for his life again. The airship pin reflected in the light, just under his collar showed he once had a profession, and maybe he would again soon.
George gave Matt a final pat on the shoulder, turned away and went back inside.
The Queen hung in the lazy sky, filled to almost bursting with a man’s expectations of rekindling lost love.


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