I’m doing a workshop, Creative Journalling, with Writers SA on the 5th May 2019!

Check out the link for more details.

Get inspired to write with creative journalling. Journalling and diary-writing traditionally explore personal thoughts and observations, however it can also be a powerful creative tool to try new things, generate ideas and access your creativity. This workshop will guide you to play with words, quieten your inner critic, become more self-aware of your writing style, observe your surroundings and use memory to get words flowing onto the page.


Participants will:

  1. Learn how to use journalling to start the flow of writing or push through writer’s block
  2. Try new approaches to writing through creative journalling
  3. Connect with other writers and share personal ways of working
  4. Learn about writing without a reader in mind
  5. Cultivate creativity through practical journalling activities

Check out the link for more details.

Lilliana Rose has a Masters in Science, a Graduate Diploma in Education and Counselling, a Masters in Creative Writing, and is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at Flinders University. She is a bestselling Amazon author with over 40 poems and ten fictional novels published under pseudonyms, and two poetry collections. She has over 10 years experience teaching in high schools (teaching biology and science), primary schools (teaching ESL) and mentoring TAFE students in creative writing. Lilliana has presented a series inspirational journalling workshops locally which she started through the Meetup Group.

Check out the link for more details.


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