One Week Workshop Announcement!

July 12th 2019
Message me to book in.

It will be run in a facebook group for one week ~ perfect to boost your creativity.

I Don’t Feel like Writing Today
By Lilliana Rose

What should you do if you don’t feel like writing today?
Is it worth having a break? Or is this a block stopping you from writing your project? And maybe it is a time to push through? How can you tell what to do?

Get started on your writing project today with this workshop, and bust through this feeling that has the potential to stop you from finishing your writing projects. Put your ideas into ink, and try your hand at writing, and get the blank page filled with words.

In this workshop, you will:
• Discover what works best for your writing process
• Bust through the fear of not wanting to write
• Connect and transform the feeling of not wanting to write
• Learn when it’s best for you to have a break from writing.

The workshop facilitator for I Don’t Feel Like Writing Today is Lilliana Rose who has over ten years experience writing in a variety of genres, from romance to horror, to commercial to literary, and has written for all ages. With over fifteen years experience in education and teaching, she is equipped to help you get started, connect with your creative process so that the words flow onto the page.


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