A Show Tradition is a box set of easy holiday steamy romance reading! And it has hot, sexy cowboys.

Only 3.99 USD for hours of reading!

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Get in quick before the price increase in the New Year.

It’s not always easy finding love on the farm. Can these hot cowboys (and one sassy cowgirl) open their hearts, have a second chance, and change lust into love?

For the last few years, cowboy Ben has met up with Raven when he’s at the Royal Show. No expectations. No commitment. This year something’s changed. He is starting to feel more than lust towards her. Does Raven feel the same?
Raven is a city girl to the bone, but Ben, with his cheeky smile, hot body, and fun nature, is someone she’s beginning to feel attracted to.
Can this be more than lust, and can she be a farmer’s wife?

Cowboy Max is a bachelor with a closed heart and a hot temper. At this year’s show, he meets Zoe, a sassy, sharped tongued city girl who busts his balls without effort. Zoe threatens to turn his world upside down. She’s not the sort of woman he expected to be attracted to, let alone develop feelings for. Will he let love into his life again?
Zoe can’t believe the fast attraction developing with Max. His closed heart and rude comments are enough to send her packing. Until something unexpected happens.
Can Max and Zoe work out their differences, and let love guide them?

Cowgirl Dusty is a sassy, strong, no-nonsense woman. Blaise is a city boy, clueless about the life she lives. He turns her life around and tests her patience. But there’s something about him she’s attracted to. She’s made mistakes in love before, so will this stop her from finding love now?
Blaise is visiting the country for his work as an accountant. So far, everything is going wrong. He might lose his job and the woman who has stolen his heart. It feels like he’s chasing dust clouds instead of love. Will he find a way to prove to Dusty that he is a man of worth and can be trusted?

Only 3.99 USD for hours of reading!


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