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Edi Court is a white witch who hasn’t finished her training. She left her covenant, running away from her ex Anto, and the entrapment of that relationship. Will starting an alternative healing business, Crystal Sands, be the new beginning she’s looking for? And is the hot, plumber Voltaire part of that package?

With the peak of summer solstice, Johan is looking for a fling, and Nova might be the perfect distraction for him. But Nova is trying to discover her Magik ability. Will Johan get in the way, or help her? Can a fling lead to something more lasting?

The approach of Mabon causes Asiza to look into her dark ancestral past. There’s a mystery she needs to solve to help choose the path of her future. But she is better at helping Kaedin make progress solving the puzzle box his deceased parents left him. Will their personal mysteries bring them together and help them find love?

Serilda is ignoring the Samhain energies, desperate to keep her own secret hidden from her new friends at Crystal Sands. In doing so, she uncovers a family secret for Kaito and turns his life upside down. Secrets are revealed. Will they help or hinder the chance of Serilda and Darus falling in love?

Zamara is a Seer who helps others look into their future. But she can’t see her own. She yearns to be in a relationship for Yule. Will the new pharmacist, Kaito, be the medicine she needs to find love?

This Yule there’s a storm coming. The white witches of Crystal Sands will need to face it together if they want to survive and keep their community together.

Only 3.99 USD.


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