How many of these words might end up in my next novel, Black Hearts (The Clockwork Mysteries bk 5)?
It’s going to be a challenge!
I do quite like;
‘Don’t sell me a dog’: when someone tries to sell you something you don’t want – we all know that!
gal-sneaker: hmmm ladies man hey!
Gas-pipes: well now that’s a new phrase for simply saying tight pants!
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Vickie is lonely. More so now it is Christmas. Her husband George is more interested in his work as a doctor, leaving her with countless hours to fill. When the sexy hot, Matt is employed in their services, will she give in to temptation?

Christmas isn’t as joyous this year with an unusual illness taking people’s lives. When it comes close to home for Vickie, she is forced into finding the source, solving the mystery to save lives, including George’s.

Can she discover there’s still love in her marriage and that what she has with George is worth fighting for?


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