Q&A about my script Christmas Wings

Q&A about my script Christmas Wings.


Writing Mojo

I’m starting the Writing Mojo course soon and I can’t wait.

Back to writing

Writing in the academic world today!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Paper Presentation

Preparing for the conference this week! I think I might just have something to say! I have a 20minute presentation to prepare for about my family stories about my great grandma who was a homesteader of the prairies-a topic close to my heart 💖 are these stories gems or baggage especially after three generations of … Continue reading Paper Presentation

Treat Day!

Coffee, raw donut and time to journal. This is my heaven 💖 How do you like to treat yourself?

Let it be~Cafe Pondering post

I’m no green thumb gardener, yet the plants in my garden blossoming with spring suggest otherwise. I don’t do much. Can it be that sometimes the point is to step back and let nature help us?