Poem Published ~ Swim

It is always a boost to the day when I get my mail and find out that I have a poem published. Thanks to The Mozzie, for publishing my poem…

Best in Show Out Now!

Best in Show can be purchased now! Free on Kindle Unlimited! Amazon US Amazon Aus Amazon Ca Amazon UK Maxwell McCarther is a farmer who once burned by love has…

The New Herd

Check out my new story The New Herd online.

Culling 1.5k words

How life impacts on creativity and writing.


Researching is an important part of the writing process!

Back on the Wagon

A day without coffee is too long!

Switching Plans

Sometimes you just need to switch plans!

$500 Amazon Giveaway!

Amazon giveaway! Closes soon!

I have a title…

I have come up with a title finally for my work in progress!

A Title is Needed

I need to come up with a title.